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Media Rewards™ is the easiest way to turn your media exposure into rewards.

What is Media Rewards™?

Easy rewards, just by watching TV and listening to the radio. Install the app, leave it in the background. Take short surveys, get points, and earn rewards. Opt-out at any time.

How it works.


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Watch and listen

The app runs smoothly in the background. Just watch TV or listen to the radio like you always do.


Easy rewards

Earn points for each minute the app runs in the background, take a survey and earn rewards.

Users like the app. Here is why.

We've got you covered. The app is designed to respect your data and privacy and is extremely light on your battery. You're always in control, and it does NOT record audio. It's easy and automatic.

Low battery usage

Only 1% per hour

Low data usage

Less than 100 kB per day

Privacy protected

No audio recorded or stored

It's super easy.


It's simple: We're bringing back the advertiser's money to the consumer. By joining you'll become part of an exclusive media research panel. Just install the app, leave it running and take part in the occasional survey. It's that simple. Don't take our word for it; our members stand behind our promise.

What other users say.

“Me encanta esta app. Puedes configurarla y olvidarte de ella, ¡y a solo unas semanas de usarla gané los $6000!”
Bel Kanofski
“Solo la he estado usando por un mes y gané el sorteo de $1500. Definitivamente recomiendo esta aplicación.”
Paul Longworth
“Increíble app, se ejecuta discretamente en segundo plano ¡y gané $6000 directamente en PayPal el mes pasado!”
Chris Wright
“Una gran oportunidad de ganar $$$ solo por tener una app en el teléfono. No hay que hacer nada más 👍”
Sharon Robinson
“Tuve una actualización y me eliminó de la base de datos, estaba en el top 2% muy triste... pero ahora estoy feliz de nuevo gracias al equipo de soporte por su rápido apoyo”
Aaron Carty
“Una excelente app para recibir recompensas por no hacer nada 😊”
Mirjam Deskins

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Want to join and win prizes as well?

Media Rewards™ is available in your region. Please sign up to join the Media Rewards™ program.

Where do the rewards come from?

It's simple: Brands would like to have your opinion and measure if their audience has seen or heard their ads. We're bringing back the advertiser's money to the consumer, YOU. By joining you'll become part of an exclusive research panel that can get multiple rewards each month.

Anonymous research

Your data along with any answers in surveys are anonymised for aggregated marketing research reports. For example "Shoppers between 25-49 years who have seen the McDonald's TV ad 5+ times consider eating at McDonald's more than people who have been exposed 3+ times on average".

You're in control.

Data is collected in the background and 100% privacy safe. We comply with the EU GDPR laws. Opt-out at any time. The app matches the audio codes in TV and radio advertising and data is anonymised. The app cannot track voices or conversations, audio is never recorded.

Learn more in our FAQ